Terribly Tempting Truffle Trolley

This is a great idea as a wedding favour replacement or if you just want to
treat your guests to gorgeous chocolates.

Terribly Tempting Truffle Trolley
Truffel Trolley Sticks Truffle Trolley Chocolates Truffel Trolley - More chocolates! Truffle Trolley - Sticks again

Price includes 4 trays from the following choices:

  • Belgian Chocolates (60-80 per tray)
  • Handmade Fudge (2kg per tray)
  • Handmade Coconut Ice (2kg per tray)
  • Angel Sticks/Chocolate Lollies (21 per tray)

You can choose any combination of four from the choices above. For example you can have four trays of chocolates or one tray of truffles, two trays of chocolate lollies and one fudge etc.

We have a large selection of Belgian chocolates to choose from, so you can even have four trays of white or pink chocolates for example.

Now you can also have one tray of Hazel's handmade chocolates as one of your tray selections. The choice will be from a limited selection that Hazel makes.

Please see this page for our Terribly Tempting Truffle Trolley flavours. We order fresh chocolates for each booking. Consequently, we cannot offer any samples as we do not hold stock.

Only £175 delivered to your venue.

(A £50 security deposit is held for the duration of hire).

Please note that we only offer the truffle trolley within a 30 minute travel time radius from us.
However, if supplied at the same time as one of our chocolate fountain packages, we will travel further.

We also have a DIY option of this available. Please contact us for more details.

Chocolate wedding favours are also available, click for more information