Our Ingredients

When Hazel makes her chocolates, they are all individually hand made and she only uses the highest quality ingredients available. This ensures her chocolates always taste fresh and delicious.

The chocolate itself is manufactured by some of the best and most highly respected companies in the chocolate industry; namely Callebaut and Cacao Barry.

We then blend the chocolate with our chosen ingredients to produce some truly wonderful flavours and we are often praised on their taste. One of the reasons they taste so good is because they are freshly made; fresh chocolate has a far superior taste.

Together with the chocolates that Hazel makes herself, we also offer a selection of chocolates made by renowned chocolatiers in Belgium and England. We constantly add to and modify our menu to offer more exciting taste sensations. We already offer a "healthier" chocolate selection and will be adding to that range. All of our selection boxes can be modified to include only plain, milk or white chocolates for example.

Here are a few chocolatier terms we often use to describe our chocolates:

Praliné - Cooked hazelnuts (or almonds) blended with sugar until toasted and caramelized.

Ganache - A blend of chocolate and cream.

Brésilienne - Crushed roasted and caramelised hazelnuts.

Guanduja - Gianduja’s contain around 30% hazelnuts and 70% milk or dark chocolate.

Pralines - A generic term for Belgian chocolates.

For a list of the ingredients we use for the items we sell at the markets we attend, please click here. These items are predominantly the items we sell in cellophane packaging.